a b s t r a c t

This collection features carved plaster designs on canvas or board. I love experimenting with different applications and carving techniques paired with other textured mediums. I am getting back to my abstract roots with this series, and I will be pulling a lot from my faux painting expertise to make my pieces beautiful and exquisite.


"Societal Norms"

"Truth or Dare"

"Coming Off As Divine"

"Burled Circles"

"Circle Circle"

Recycling Old Processes

"Blackened Tulips"


"Golden Globes"

"The Moment"

"It's Definitely Pouring"

"Cold Spring"


"Circling Back"

"Falling Back in Love"

"Way Up There"

"So Far So Good"


2013 - 2014

"Joyous Adventure"

"Soft Serenity"

"Beautiful Sunshine"

"I'm Dreaming Of..."


"New Directions"

"Golden Array"

"The Past and The Present"

"Touch of Warmth"


"My Frustration"

"View From Above"

"The Need To Be"

"Getting Closer"

"Escaping Reality"

"Amazing Fancy"

"For Him"

"This is New"

"Too Much Everything"


"From Beginning to End"

Sold pieces...


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