r e s i d e n t i a l   m u r a l s

Murals are a terrific way to bring a unique artistic touch into your home! Murals go that extra step beyond a traditional piece of art on canvas. They work great painted around an entire room, on an accent wall or in an architectural niche; I can even paint one on a folding screen so you can move it around the room if you like.

My murals can be painted in any style, from purely decorative ones that look like a piece of abstract art painted directly onto your wall to detailed landscapes that transform your space into a tuscan vineyard. My style of painting combines attention to detail with a touch of fun and whimsy with a slight bit of impressionism.

Decorative / Contemporary Murals...

Staircase Book Mural

Painted Barnwood Ceiling Mural

Decorative Poppy Mural

Flowers and Circles Mural


Traditional / Landscape Murals...

Modern Indianapolis Cityscape Mural

Hot Air Balloon Window Mural

Floating Landscape Mural

Tuscan Foyer


Children's Rooms...

Children's murals are a category where anything can happen! From super simple, cartoon-like nursery murals to highly detailed jungle themed rooms, murals for kids always contain a lot of fun and whimsy.

Safari Tent Mural

Colorful Cloudscape Mural

Music Mural

Antique Biplane Mural

Cottage Playhouse Murals

Sports Players Mural

Farm Scene Mural

Cityscape Mural

Underwater Mural

Racing Mural

Tulip Garden Mural

African Sunset Mural

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