c o m m i s s i o n e d   p i e c e s

Great for those that prefer a painting they can hang versus a mural, and for those that may love one of my original paintings but would prefer to customize their own with certain colors, etc.

Commissions done in plaster and acrylic (textured)

Plaster Roses

Musical Inspiration Piece

Plaster Flowers

Plaster Pig Portrait

Plaster Dog Portrait

Plaster Chihuahua Portrait

Plaster Cow Portrait

Plaster Rhino Portrait

Plaster Dog Portrait



Commissions done in acrylic paint

Magnolia Tree Painting

Modern Portrait

Fall Cabin Painting with Quote

Modern Family Portrait

Stained Glass Window Painting

Four Seasons Painting

Motorcycle Painting

Double-Sided Stained Glass Window Painting

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