f a u x   p a i n t i n g

The perfect compliment to ANY space!

Samples (can be in any color!)


Completed Rooms

Plasters and Other Textures

Aged Fresco Finish

Fresco Finish

Striped Fresco Finish

Fresco Hood Vent with Monogram

Vertical Plaster

Smooth Metallic Plaster

Troweled Metallic Plaster with Metallic Niche

Slatted Metallic Plaster Finish

Tissue Paper Finish

Pleated Tissue Paper Finish - Painted

Sandstone Finish

Aged Brick Finish

Textured Brick

Textured Faux Stone Tiles

Reptile Skin

Brushed Glass Beads

Venetian Plaster


paint and glazing finishes (no texture)

Ombre Waterfall Finish

Striped Waterfall Finish

Whimsical Harlequin Finish

Black and White Stencil and Metallic Brass Ceiling

Metallic Stenciled Walls with Glitter Ceiling

Metallic Ombre Colorwash

Colorwash Treatment with Inlay

Metallic Colorwashed Stripes and Ceiling with Design

Metallic Pewter Colorwash

Tuscan Colorwash with Exposed Brick

Faux Slate Brick Accent Wall

Fading Faux-Plaster with Metallic Ceiling


Faux-Suede Panels


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